My Blood Across The Sea

by Candy L

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The creation of 'My Blood Across The Sea' album has been a very personal creative journey for me. Having heard first hand, as a child, numerous accounts of the terrible treatment given Irish immigrants in America, learning the truth about my Irish ancestry became a passion with me. The end result, the culmination, is this album.
We, as a planet, are faced with the largest immigrant population issues we have ever, collectively, faced. When I look back on the sometimes terrifying plight of our immigrants from the past, my grandparents included, I find great sympathy and empathy for the immigrants of today. Amid our fears of what negatives might arise, we must remember that immigrants are human beings. When we let our fear supersede our intelligence and humanity, humankind loses. Especially the already lost factions of our people; those without a home; those without a country.
The album begins with 'Children Of The Famine', the reason behind the mass immigration of the Irish to America, the great famine. Millions of Irish lost their lives to the famine. Many were children.
Many of those that were fortunate to make it out of Ireland were lost on the long voyage over, in the 'Conra Long', the filthy and overcrowded 'coffin ships'. Many of those who arrived here, in the 'Land Of Milk and Honey', the dream of a life that could be, were malnourished, and sickly. Their first glimpse of America, from the boats, was, of course, the 'Torch Of Hope', Lady Liberty. And to the Irish it was 'Cead Mile Failte', 100,000 welcomes.
All Irish immigrants, in an attempt to stay with family, and stay safe, set up house in 'The Quarter', the Irish slums of NY. Hardworking and industrious, they took any work they could. They were also refused employment, charged exorbitant prices for housing and evicted without warning or reason. The women worked in the factories, the men, as laborers. The famous marvel of engineering, the Erie Canal, was built on the backs of many Irish immigrants.
The final track on the album, 'Songs Morai Rose Taught Me', translates as Songs My Grandmother Rose Taught Me.
It doesn't matter from where we came. It matters that we all are human beings!


released December 9, 2016

All compositions and music by Candy L. All rights reserved.
All track images are royalty free or creative commons images, re-created by me. Cover for Land Of Milk And Honey by Jacob Riis.
The album cover is a re-fashioned photo of my paternal Irish grandmother as a young woman.



all rights reserved


Candy L

I am a musical artist from the US. I employ live instrumentation with electronics to create my music.

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